My name is Pien Walraven, I come from the beautiful city of Nijmegen (the Netherlands),  and currently I am doing my PhD at the Open University of the Netherlands.


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My PhD research addresses an imperative problem for contemporary hospitals and other (semi-)public organizations:

How to enhance and improve (different aspects of) organizational performance while operating in turbulent environments. Particularly, I am looking into the process of co-evolutionary information systems alignment. I study this process in hospitals (applied to the alignment of Electronic Medical Records with goals, needs and strategies of hospitals and their stakeholders, both during implementations and in operation), in healthcare in a broader sense and in the public sector as a whole. I explicitly address the challenge of multiple stakeholder perspectives and differing, possibly even conflicting, goals and needs within these organizations. My research uses a complex adaptive systems view on organizations as a theoretical foundation.

See Recent Work for my most recent scientific publications, and read my Blog for related ideas and thoughts


Apart from doing research, I teach in the masters’ program Business Process Management and IT (BPMIT) at the Open University of the Netherlands, teaching Enterprise Architecture and guiding around 10 students in writing their masters’ thesis. Furthermore, I teach Digital Transformation as part of the interdisciplinary M.Sc. program Health Sciences and I contribute to the development of existing and new courses in our BPMIT (MSc) and Information Science (BSc) programs.


Before my PhD, I worked for the supporting IT department of Wageningen University & Research for two years, as a business- and information analyst. There I engaged among others in information modelling, information integration, business process analyses, impact analyses, stakeholder analyses, requirements engineering and project management. In this period I also founded and chaired the organization-wide young professionals network of Wageningen University & Research: YoungWUR.

I obtained my Masters’ degree in Information Systems from Lund University in June 2015, after having completed two Bachelor’s degrees at Radboud University, i.e., Communication- and Information studies and Information Science. During my studies, I actively engaged in the student community in various roles, for various student organizations, both in the Netherlands and in Sweden.

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Personal interests

In my spare time I enjoy taking long walks in nature, sewing, reading, cooking, crafting, travelling and music: I play the guitar, I sing, and I like going to concerts and festivals. I also have a thing for (paper) notebooks, which I carry around at all times: Even though my field of expertise is information systems, I always prefer taking notes on paper before digitizing them, as I feel it helps me arrange my thoughts better.